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    Effective immediately the label formerly known as PBX Music Group Inc. has now officially become Platinum Level Production. Under the newly designated company name, Platinum Level Production is upgrading its production enterprise to serve an extended variety of multimedia outlets.


   The company’s new service initiatives will include production for Television, Podcasts, Audio Features, Video, Flyers, Merchandise and more. Platinum Level Production will continue it’s signature work with music production and engineering while providing stellar, quality services to the gospel and multimedia industry.


   Platinum Level Production was Founded in 2006, by Purvis Beach a multi-talented Singer, Songwriter, Rapper and International Musician, the label has continued to thrive, providing a platform for multiple artists. Leisha Mckinley-Beach serves as it’s COO.


   The decision to rename the label Platinum Level Production was appropriate with its expansion. Fans and associates of PLP can expect even more music production, inspirational artists signed to the label with additional touring, musical showcases and engagements.

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